There are hundreds of thousands of photos taken daily since the boom of smartphones and generally speaking, smart gadgets. However, it is uncomfortable to admit that we usually don’t look at the majority of photos we’ve taken using digital cameras.

Using Prynt, you can snap and instantly print new photos or existing ones. Just plug your smartphone into the dock of the Prynt case and start developing photos that you can actually hold in your hand. As if it wasn’t a cool idea already, Prynt has even more options available. Using augmented reality technology, every printed photo can be transformed into a live video clip. If you register a short video, you can print the first frame using Prynt, and then watch the photo through the camera of your smartphone. It will instantly start moving just like the ones in Harry Potter movies.


Prynt holds 10 photo paper sheets (2 x 3 inch), and while the number could have been higher, sheets can be easily replaced. Also, the rechargeable battery takes 90 minutes to fully charge and holds enough power to print 20 photos. Smartphones can connect to the modular lighting connector or micro-usb plug, so there is no wi-fi or bluetooth pairing required. Connection modules can be changed whenever you wish to change the phone; no need to buy another Prynt case.

It takes about 30 seconds to print a photo; Prynt does the job quite fast given its size. According to kickstarter, it is expected that the first „early bird” pieces of Prynt case to be available in August 2015. You can back the project since these early steps in order to get Prynt cheaper and sooner than the rest of the world.

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