The market of lost item trackers is continuously expanding, but there’s always room for one more of these useful little devices that will help you find anything from your phone and car keys to your adventurous pet or whatever you feel is valuable to you.

The development of Tintag is actually good news for the European market, given that most trackers of its kind have mainly been produced in the US and with international shipping fees being on the higher side, most middle-class potential customers in Europe have been deprived of the possibility to purchase a tracker at a decent price. Tintag is made by a Romanian-based company that promises a well-built product costing only $19.

[adsense300gray]The feature that sets it apart from other tracking devices is the fact that Tintag is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about batteries running low and the tracker having poor signal and response. Additionally, while other devices of its kind only respond through sound, this one is able to simply flicker silently if you’ve chosen that option. Also, you can set the range inside which you want the correspondent app to look for your misplaced items, but it will let you know where they were last seen, even if they go beyond that predefined limit. An element common to other item trackers, but which is essential for improving the entire experience is the crowd-based tracking feature, giving the entire network of users the chance to inform you on the whereabouts of your lost or stolen items.

Tintag comes in 5 bold colors at the moment (red, orange, green, blue and black), but together with the discreet design make for a fun little product that can be useful to the entire family.