[adsense300gray]If you’re thinking about how boring your lawn looks, don’t buy silly looking dwarfs and stuff like that to animate it. What if you had a Grass Printer ?

Mowing your lawn will be more fun when it’s being made by this innovative self powered lawnmower. Why ? Because it is able to make all kinds of drawings on your lawn, this way giving the impressions that you’ve been recently visited by aliens or something like that.
Using this nice device is quite easy: it has a touchscreen and all you have to do is to design your desired image or add some text and let your buddy to do its thing.

The Grass Printer’s blades are smaller than the usual ones, for offering a faster and more precise cutting. The device is, of course, smart, as it has a system for calculating its moves according to the sketch that it has to follow and will stay inside an user defined area. The mowed grass finds its way out through the Grass Printer’s rear side.

With these being said, if I get something like that, I’m sure that all of my neighbors are going to envy my lawn, as it’s going to be the best looking one out there.

grass printer

grass printer 1