Worried that your car isn’t safe enough in the neighborhood you live in, or that a standard alarm won’t be enough? Carlock provides a great solution to this concerning issues, by providing a vehicle security system which will exponentially increase the safety of your car in case of break-in, theft. It will even help you find it in a crowded parking lot. So, how does it work?


The system is made out of three elements: there is the Carlock OBD device that is being plugged into the car, a custom made app that will work both on Android and iOS devices and the CarLock Cloud which will push notifications to your smartphone, informing you about the status of your car, even when you are not in its vecinity. The Carlock OBD comes with a preinstalled, ready to use SIM card. It plugs in into your car’s diagnostic connector, and requires no adaptors. Featuring a motion sensor and GPS, the Carlock OBD will sent a loud alert to your smartphone if the car gets moving without your permission or if one of its elements is forcibly opened. You can disable the device using your smartphone, so you won’t get notification while you are driving the car yourself.

Other features of the CarLock system include a car health tracker that is able to provide mileage information, battery status and recent routes. Also, you get the option to check for harsh acceleration or harsh braking. This might be useful when tracking how your teenage kid is driving the car, soon after he or she obtained their driving license. On the overall, given the ease with you can attach the OBD device, the multitude of functions available on the app and the efficient cloud push notifications service, we do believe CarLock really provides a reliable solution for enahncing your car security.