[adsense300gray]If you like movies, you must have seen The Remains of the Day, the essential butler movie, starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson, among other folks. Speaking about butlers, say hello to the new-age butler, with the improbable name Keecker. It sounds like a gang-banger, but Keecker is actually a nice guy. ¬†Basically, what we’re dealing with here is an Android based moving projector. A robot that will follow you around the house, bringing home entertainment to a whole new level. This real life R2D2 will transform every wall in your house into a huge screen, allowing you to check your email or watch a movie while you’re in the bathroom, for example. Keecker can be controlled via your smartphone and costs, hold your breath, $4k. Talking about first world’s problems… Anyway, ¬†Keecker comes packed with 6 speakers for delivering thunderous sound for your movies, it can map your house and it’s also an ecologist, being perfectly capable of measuring the CO2 level and temp around the house.