[adsense300gray]Nowadays, everything comes in a premium version, even the good old alcohol stoves. Now, we have Trea, marketed as a „premium alcohol stove”. What’s up with that you may ask? Well, besides a hefty price tag (it’s my opinion, don’t throw rocks!), this stove comes with a cool design and lots of functionality added. Because, what can be nicer than enjoying a cup of coffee on the beach, I mean a fresh cup of hot coffee, powered by Trea, the premium…you know. This is the creation of an industrial designer based in Oslo, Norway, named Michael Konosky and this little gadget looks just like bonfire logs, a nice touch if you ask me. ┬áTrea uses alcohol as combustible and it is composed of 3 poles, made of stainless steel. I can say without remorse that it looks as glamorous as humanly possible, it’s almost a work of art, design wise.

I think this would be the perfect gift for you actual or potential girlfriend (or boyfriend, I’m not judging here). The Trea stove is very compact and it’s foldable too, coming ┬áhandy for heating and even cooking while on the go.


trea 2

trea 3

trea 4

trea 5

trea 6