In a world suffocated by air pollution it’s pretty important to know your environment. Just imagine how would your life change if you knew how your environment is affecting you! Thus, an Enviro-Tracker becomes pretty useful in improving the quality of your life.

TZOA (pronounced „zoa”) is the most advanced Enviro-Tracker. It uses special internal sensors to measure temperature, humidity, air quality, atmospheric pressure, UV exposure and ambient light! Yes, only one device does all this. Connect it to your smartphone to view your readings and receive your recommendations.


Furthermore, by using TZOA you also contribute to the creation of a real-time updated crowdsourced environmental data map. It provides actionable recommendations such as opening your windows for ventilation, which routes are the less polluted, getting enough sunshine during the seasons and much more!Ever wanted to move to a new neighborhood? Why don’t you let TZOA help you in this decision and choose a better one for you and your family? Plan your next holiday with it… It will completely transform your life!

The developers behind this top of the line Enviro-Tracker desire to create a real social movement for environmental change. Their belief is that awareness leads to action! By helping perpetuate innovation and green technology, you don’t only participate in the process of data democratization but you’ll also observe a real improvement in your health (but not only)!

TZOA will be available in the fourth quarter of 2015, but pre-orders will begin in the second quarter of this year. The coolest thing is that once you purchase it you don’t have to pay any subscription to have access to the information TZOA will provide! By using it you’ll have the environment at your fingertips, literally!