From the creators of Assassins Creed and Far Cry, Ubisoft released Watch Dogs, a game that takes place in a „real world” of Chicago where all devices are connected to the network called Central Operating System (ctOS), a supercomputer that controls almost all technology and information, including all data on every citizen. The game explores the impact of technology on our society, using the city as a weapon, you will start your personal mission to establish a new order.

[adsense300gray]The protagonist, Aiden Pierce is a genius hacker and former criminal that can access any device connected to the operating system of the city, control it to see how much money you have, where have you been,  give you prank messages, or, in a short story, do whatever he wants to and know every detail about your life. You will have access to the omnipresent surveillance cameras, you can download your personal information to locate targets, monitor traffic and public transport in order to stop enemies, and much more. The game-play incorporates elements like stealth, hacking (such as turning off the mobile, or control traffic lights), and observation, but you will also get into active gun fights.

Some hardcore gamers say that Watch Dogs is a cheap copy of GTA V, the game having a lot of bugs and that we have to wait for a patch that will solve all the problems, only after it would be fully set up it would certainly be a game worth playing, making this a true GTA follower. With so much power in your hands the game will turn out to be pretty interesting, you can arrange accidents, get drunk, ride spider tanks, stop serial killers and arrange „blackouts”.

Check out the in-game screenshots and the trailer video below.

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