[adsense300gray]Say hello to  Wham-o Arctic Force, the snowball blaster that  can transform this cold and awful winter into something fun! I wish these things were around when I was a kid… Back in the day, all we had were snowballs and energy. Now, everything got high tech, even a snowball fight requires a gadget and batteries to power it. Well, to be honest with you,  this blaster that looks like something from Star Wars is built for 8 year old kids and up, but I think it is suitable for everybody whose  inner child is still alive and kicking. At least, I’d buy on of these for sure. Weighing a mere three pounds and with a price tag of just $69.97, the Wham o Arctic Force gizmo is perfectly capable of delivering massive fun at a bargain price. Who knows, maybe your kid will love you again if you’ll buy him a snowball blaster and, then again,who knows, maybe he’ll get out of the house some day and leave Facebook behind.