We can picture a dozen different scenarios that imply a walkie-talkie type of communication in order to achieve an efficient and effective teamwork. As a result, the constant pursuit of effortlessly talking to each other that once used to be so ‘heavily’ provided by cell phones is now engaged towards real-time group communication items.

The dream of a movie-like way of talking to your ‘crew’ has just become reality, courtesy to the OnBeep experts, that have developed Onyx, a classy wearable voice communication device. Weighing only 46 grams, this elegantly slim figured 2.5-inch instrument opens a private two-way voice communication channel to a pre-determined group of an unlimited number of Onyx users.

[adsense300gray]Escorted by a mobile app (iOS and Android) which serves as the device’s main group management control center, your group members can share through it their location and status in real-time. Easily attachable to a bag or article of clothing, at one touch distance of your co-workers or your team, a single tap of the device’s only button is required for delivering your message.

Paired to a smartphone via Bluetooth, this instant group communication gadget works anywhere in the world where data connections are available, whether that be on Wi-Fi or cellular networks, without interrupting your other in progress activities. It might get crowded, so Onyx has a volume rocker and a mute switch, but also a standard headphone jack that supports a microphone, giving the option for more private chats.

Who said Star Trek was overrated? Accompanied by a next generation device like Onyx, we’re entitled to even bigger dreams.