The Neptune Pine smartwatch represents the future of wearable gadgets, mark my words folks. What other smartwatches released until now failed to achieve, the Neptune Pine delivers. Regular smartwatches, like the Gear from Samsung, are hardly stand alone devices. They are like sidekicks for your phone and they only are optimized to work with a certain type/brand of smartphone.

[adsense300gray]Well, the Neptune Pine is that kind of „one size fits all”, being actually more than  a watch, but a full-options Android running smartphone, compatible with all Android apps out there, squeezed in a smartwatch form/factor. You can use it as a regular smartphone, having a large enough touchscreen and a micro-SIM card slot. With this baby, you can make voice calls, video calls, browse the internet and the social networks, take pictures (it has 2 cameras, like a regular smartphone, one 5 megapixels shooter on the back and a secondary on the front for video calling, both featuring LED flashes), long story short, it’s a wearable Android smartphone.

The only downside of the gizmo is represented by its ample dimensions, being something between a small smartphone and a very big watch. It can be easily detached from the wrist band and used as a regular phone, benefiting from a smart locking mechanism. Final word, I like it, I am sold, shut up and take my money !

Neptune Pine