10 years ago we used to charge our phone once every 2 or 3 days and if you were one of the lucky ones who owned a Nokia 6310 you could go a full week without plugging in your charger. Nowadays phones are becoming more powerful and the battery has to suffer, most new smartphones, in real life, lasting a maximum of 24 hours under normal usage. Another problem is that many smartphones have a non-removable back cover and the battery can’t be changed. So that leaves you with only one solution – portable chargers (another thing to worry about besides a wallet, car keys, home keys, pack of cigarettes and lighter). Well the U.S. company called LinearFlux may have found a solution, the Lithium Card, a credit card size portable charger that can fit in most wallets.

[adsense300gray]Having the dimension of a credit card and a thickness of 5mm, the Lithium Card is the first and only portable charger that uses HyperCharger (a technology  that delivers up to 2 Amps of fast energy back into your smartphone and charges your internal battery up to an astonishing 1% per minute). The device charges most popular smartphones and electronic devices today, such as Beats Studio Wireless headphone or Jawbone Jambox Mini. It has an Apple Lightning connector for your iPhone 5/5S/6/6+, or a micro-USB connector for your Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. Other great features:  you can stick the card on the back of your phone so it doesn’t hang and that the devices has lights indicating you power level. If you want to view all the specs and technologies used, visit their website