Trickster Art

A beautiful collaboration in limited edition. Maybe this is what the winter version of yourself needs this year. Rolex was chosen as the platform to develop it. We talk about the result of a Bamford Watch Department collab with pop art design house Rodnik Band, led by Philip Colbert himself. This Rolex Snoopy Watch is the piece your collection is missing. It chants about your childhood in the most chic while expressive kind of way.

When we were kids we all wanted a Snoopy themed collection. Maybe a watch was not in our minds back then, but it should very well be now, in the adaptation for adults version.

Enjoy Childhood No Matter The Occasion

This is┬álike how I’d like to show up on Monday morning at the office. Just look at the pictures of it, let the message flow through your spirit. I see the Rolex just the perfect playground for Snoopy to show his moves. If you ever wanted to be the bad guy ruling the playground, but never got to do it, now is your chance. But hurry up a little, the whole edition is limited to 25 pieces only.

The design is marvelous in my opinion. There are two colors to choose from: MGTC Black and MGTC Light Grey. Upon arriving the watches come packaged in a neat wooden case looking exactly like Snoopy’s doghouse, the idea belonging to Bamford Watch Department as well. On the center of the dial we find Snoopy in full swag mode, with sunglasses and arms, both functioning as the watch’s hands. If you are a collector, this is where you should turn your attention to. It’s this way of creating with class and fine taste while never forgetting to be playful, that impresses me the most. This timepiece has been expected by many for some time now, and I think it’s time to enjoy a beautiful present to the inner child within you. Childhood remembrance doesn’t mean childish attitude, it’s just a form of expressing your joy to be alive.