[adsense300gray]Exploring the great outdoors with friends and loved ones is one of the most beautiful experiences one can enjoy. At least, that’s what I think. And one of the best parts about an adventure far from home, in the wilderness, is the food. For enhancing your cooking and overall experience, BioLite has something very special that should definitely have a spot in your camping gear. I’m talking about the BaseCamp stove, a clever solution that responds to your needs of having a stove for grilling/boiling food and also a source for recharging your gadgets. Yes, the BaseCamp is more than a stove, as it’s able to “harness” the heat coming from the fire and convert it into electricity, so you’ll be able to charge your gadgets when you’re cooking or after that. Being provided with a battery, the energy produced by the fire is stored for a later use. It uses wood as fuel and doesn’t produce any smoke, allowing you to comfortably grill or boil your food.


BioLite 2


BioLite 3


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