Your smartphone has become all-important in your life. But what do you do when your battery runs out in the most inappropriate moment or when you have misplaced it and need to find it really quick?

What would you say if you had the possibility to recharge your phone anywhere, have a memory stick with you anytime, a remote camera control and a flash light, all in just one small item? The KiiTAG 2 is like a digital Swiss knife for your iOS or Android.


Simply download the free KiiTAG 2 app and enjoy the various functions it offers. The small device is fitted with a Lithium battery so that you can recharge your phone anytime, anywhere, a LED Flash Light Switch, a Micro USB Connector to recharge the device and also use it as a memory stick thanks to its Memory Drive Switch.

What you can do with the KiiTAG 2? It has various functions: you can make phone make call to get you out of awkward situations, you can use it as a remote camera shutter, as a phone or keys finder, for remote phone answering (only for Android), Auto Messenger, Voice Recording (only for Android) or play sound effects.

The KiiTAG 2 has two buttons which you can press once for one function or twice for another function. KiiTAG 2 is an amazing tool, which gives you 1-2 hours of emergency battery life and so many other options which are so useful to any of us. Simply attach it to your keys and have it with you anywhere you go.