Since we want our coffee done as quickly and tasty as possible, we done expect little work with great results. Might not sound as a possible scenario, but Poppy Pour-Over machine seems to do just that. This little robot created by Quirky doesn’t only prepare a great cup of coffee for you. It allows you to customize your coffee.. from your iPhone! As long as you got an internet connection and the app installed, you can ask Poppy Pour-Over to get a cup of coffee ready for you when you get home, or when you finish going through mail in the living room.


Using the Wink app, you will be able to set the grind size, water temperature and other characteristics of your coffee, directly from your iPhone. Unlike many other coffee robots, Poppy Pour-Over features its own grinder, so you can enjoy freshly¬†ground coffee at any time. A great thing to know about the Poppy is that, given its wireless connectivity, it automatically orders more coffee when you’re about to run off. This is really what „enjoying anytime” means. It orders from Amazon, using their newly automatic delivery service.

Poppy Pour-Over holds 1.25 pounds of coffee and a water reservoir big enough to make 4 portions. A double walled glass carafe and a charcoal water filter complete the picture. A great bit of news is that Poppy Pour-Over works perfectly with regular paper coffee filters. While at the moment no info is available on pricing and product availability, you should expect it later this year in stores and online.