We’ve been fans of kickstarter projects since forever, and we especially like them when we find out about some amazing new inventions in the wacky world of gadgets that get our geeky senses tingling. Today we give to you – drum roll – the freakishly small phone charger!

The Devotec Fuel Micro Charger is the smallest emergency phone charger, and its creators actually claim that it probably is the smallest phone device in the world. The project gained a lot of popularity and it certainly raised a lot more money that the guys who created it bargained for.

As far as we’re concerned, its success was rightly earned, and we’re looking forward to test its features when it will be ready to launch on the market. This charger is designed to last about 20-30 minutes (conversation time), and even up to a few hours if you leave it in stand by, or just use it for quick tasks – it’s all up to you.

So we said it was small, but how small is it actually? Let’s just say it would make a fine addition to your collection of keyring trinkets, or that it could have a long lasting friendship with your phone. It is absolutely tiny – just 1.3 by 0.9 by half an inch, so you can hang it or put it just about everywhere.

The Devotec Fuel is a rechargeable device, but if you don’t really need it for an emergency, it can hold its charge for 1 to 3 months!

To top all that, it’s really easy to use! After you charge it, it works as any other charging device, and will, in turn, charge your phone. After you turn the power switch on, just pull the cable from it and plug it into your phone, as you would normally do.

On the outside, the product has three LED lights which tell you if the charger is on (signaled by blue), charging (red), or green (fully charged).

As a final technical specification, we add that the body of Fuel is pure die-cast alluminium, which allows it to be strong, but weigh almost nothing at all. And, from what I can tell, I think the product looks kind of bad ass, wouldn’t you agree?

All in all, this tiny device sounds great -practical and simple and we’re really excited to see and use it when it will be released!

Smallest charger

Keyring sized

Inside of Devotec