[adsense300gray]For all you drawing and doodling fans out there, who have been moaning about not being able to digitize your works fast enough. We present you the iSketchnote, a „smart iPad cover that integrates a new digitizing technology with the convenience of a notebook.” How cool is that! By combining the great feeling you get by writing on paper with the power of the iPad, this baby lets you digitize your sketches and notes in real time.

The truly great thing about this is that the iSketchnote cover works even without the iPad! Everything will be automatically transferred to your iPad the next time you connect to it.

It works with special pens, recognizing every individual color. So if the pen you use is orange, it will appear orange on your iPad. Just like in real life, but better.

Oh, and don’t let the iPad-owning thing burst your bubble, because the iSketchnote is going to receive an update so it can be connected to a PC or a Mac too, via USB. Also, the manufacturers claim that at its release, the iSketchnote is going to be capable to establish Bluetooth connections.

A French company, ISKN, is trying to bring this brilliant fellow to life by asking for funding on KickStarter. They’re very close to achieving their goal, so we don’t have to wait too long for being able to get this neat gadget and start drawing or take notes in the coolest way ever. Its price is expected to be around $190.