While we’re only a quarter way through 2014, the year ahead is already full of promising innovations. It’s set to be a landmark period for technological advancement, with a host of incredible gadgets hitting the consumer shelves and radically improving everything from communication to gaming. Here are just some of the releases we can’t wait to get our hands on this year.

Google Glass

The beta version of Google’s spectacular specs is already available, but there are a few changes that need to be made before the device is ready for the public. While the impressive capabilities of the Glass are already common knowledge, the cost of around £900 has priced many potential punters out of the mix. To achieve commercial success with their wearable offering, Google should slash the price tag and release it in the UK.

4K TVs

The CES 2014 convention was awash with an array of eye-catching TV screens, from bendy to razor thin. The emerging trend though seemed to be 4K TV. This Ultra HD display is the next step forward in home entertainment, with pin-sharp visuals and a breath-taking display. Like with Google Glass, the consumer costs are still a little too high for widespread adoption. However, all the major manufacturers have declared 4K their main focus for the year ahead, and the technology could become far more accessible soon.


This handy little piece of kit solves the age-old issue of misplacing our valuables. The Tile can be affixed to virtually any item. This then works in unison with the Tile app to then locate your keys, laptop or whatever it is that you may have lost. The app will display your distance from the Tile, and users can even activate a ringing sound to make locating the object even easier. It’s an incredibly simple invention with huge potential.

Oculus Rift

Virtual reality gaming is just a few steps away from being available to every gamer across the globe. The Oculus Rift headset, by Oculus VR is pioneering the immersive experience. The Crystal Cove prototype has already solved a number of issues to reduce motion sickness and deliver a whole new world of gaming. The company has also recently released the Rift Dev Kit 2, to allow game developers to create their own games for the device. While they say that they “truly believe virtual reality will change the world”, we’d settle for just being able to step into a virtual casino while we play Rush Poker or run out onto the battlefields of WoW for the time being.

iPhone 6

Rumours over the iPhone 6 design have been whispered in every corner of the online world. Some concept images are predicting a wraparound screen design, while others are pointing towards a curved architecture. Although little is known at this stage, it seems certain that the screen will be ramped up in size, the display will be better and brighter than ever and the highly durable sapphire glass will replace the Gorilla glass we have come to know. Until Apple release more details on the eagerly anticipated flagship device though, we’ll simply have to speculate.