Technology is all around us. We use it every day to make our lives easier and more organized. What we once considered science fiction seems mainstream today.

But there are still things that can surprise us, that can take technology even further, beyond out ways of understanding. The Microsoft HoloLens, the holographic goggles which change the way you see the world, transposing us into the world of holographs.

Microsoft HoloLens offers new ways to visualize our work, new ways to share ideas with each other, more immersive ways to play, new ways to collaborate, explore places we have only dreamed of, new ways to create the things we imagine. Microsoft HoloLens is enabled by Windows 10 and it is the most advanced holographic computing platform.

[adsense300gray]All the equipment you need is the head-mounted computer which has integrated sensors and processors. The headset’s translucent lenses allow you to see graphics which appear overlaid on your environment. The sensors are managed by the onboard GPU, CPU and the first of its kind holographic processing unit (HPU). On the right side you have buttons to adjust volume and also control the hologram’s contrast.

Microsoft HoloLens allow you to interact with holograms, help you work more effectively and make decisions more confidently. Your ideas will be brought to life before your eyes, as 3D holograms will blend into your real world. You will access to innovative ways to work, play, create and communicate. No more screens to touch, no more clicking the mouse. You will simply use gestures to create, size and shape holograms, your voice to communicate with the applications and your eyes to explore and navigate.