[adsense300gray]Although all of us have probably heard about 3D printers, here’s one that stands next to some big names and will certainly receive more attention due to that, but, more important, thanks to the great idea that stood behind it. The Ekocycle Cube is a 3D Systems product that benefits from the support of Coca Cola and will.i.am (you know, famous artist, musician and producer) and promotes the idea of sustainability and recycling.

The Ekocycle Cube is all about creating new objects from other ones that serve no use anymore, thus adding some purpose to something that would otherwise be nothing more than waste. Long story short, the printer relies on materials which consist in recycled plastic bottles. It creates objects of up to 6 inches that can be colored in white, black, red or other “natural” colors. Each cartridge consists in 25% recycled materials.

Ekocycle Cube

Ekocycle Cube 2

Ekocycle Cube 3

Ekocycle Cube 4


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