[adsense300gray]I don’t know if you’re into physics, and I don’t mean the girl’s physiques. I am talking here about spectroscopy. Well, even if I generally hate smartphones and especially people using high tech gadgets that don’t even comprehend for meaningless purposes, now I am in awe, because two very nerdy looking guys just invented the ultimate gadget for your smartphone. It’s called SCiO and it’s a portable molecular sensor that can be carried around with you and it’s perfectly capable of analyzing the chemical structure of…basically anything : fruits, foods, flowers, anything. Yeah, it’s a breakthrough, yet I bet it will be used for analyzing your hamster’s sperm and stuff like that. But, I am sure that there will be people using it for “scientific” things, and that’s what it keeps me going day after day. The information is collected by using spectroscopy and it’s sent automatically to your smartphone, and, from there, where else than on Facebook? Faith in human kind is restored, for now.

SCiO 4


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