[adsense300gray]For all iPhone lovers out there, a new toy was born for you to play with. Say hello to the AUUG Motion Synth, the latest gizmo that transforms your iPhone (or iPod for that matter) into a new-age musical instrument. This cool gadget will allow you to play notes at your iPhone using touch and modulate them by moving your smartphone. I know, it sounds like magic, almost. Basically, what the Motion Synth does is creating music through motion.

Sound is created by tracking your movements and your screen touches by the AUUG Motion Synth, hence giving you the opportunity to express yourself in a creative manner. You will have access to numerous sounds and effects from other iOS sound apps and you can also play and control external devices, for example real-life synthesizers or vocal harmonizers. The AUUG Motion Synth allows you to control audio/video software on a laptop, for example.

It’s very well made, keeping your iPhone safely attached to your hand and thus providing touchscreen feedback, allowing you to let your imagination run wild, playing the screen with your fingers, while the AUUG app converts the data harvested from your iPhone’s motion sensor into signal for shaping sound.

AUUG Motion Synth  2

AUUG Motion Synth  5

AUUG Motion Synth  6

AUUG Motion Synth