[adsense300gray]An advanced enough technology seems like magic for the untrained eye. The same thing can be told in regard to LIX, an almost magic-like tool that enables its users to draw in the air, without using a regular pen or paper. Basically, what we’re dealing with here is a 3D printing pen, the smallest in the world, according to its creators.

LIX is a tool aimed for professional use, coming handy for architects and designers in the first place. It allows you to create “from small to big”, just by doodling the pen in the air, various prototypes, or just lets you be as creative as you can. LIX works like any other 3D printer, using melted(colored)/cooled plastic that’s the backbone of rigid/freestanding structures, created by waving the pen in the air. You can build structures of any imaginable shape, and that’s pretty cool, even if you’re not a professional. It’s the perfect toy for a gifted child, even if he’s 40 years old, believe me! The best thing about the 3D pen is that it can be powered from an USB 3.0 port, hence it’s highly portable.

lix 6

lix 7



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