Presenting unprecedented features and particularly aiming towards those of us who can’t benefit from the advantage of living in a free internet area, Lantern brings forth free access to the Internet anywhere in the world.

As it’s not an easy task, it may seem quite hard to understand how an industrially designed device coming from Outernet, the most innovative information service ever created, manages to provide similar advantages as a real Internet connection.

[adsense300gray]Not randomly named Lantern, having the size and the weight of a flashlight, this device receives adio waves broadcast by Outernet from space. What Lantern does… it’s the hard job, by converting the signal into digital files, like webpages, news articles, ebooks, videos, and music. Any type of converted digital files are stored on its internal drive. All you need is a browser and any Wi-Fi enabled device, then turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot to connect with Lantern to view the content that was previously stored.

Easy and free access to all sorts of information isn’t just amazing, because Lantern consumes Internet content anonymously! And no strings attached, because this pocket library works perfectly also with solar energy, when there’s no power source available around you.

So you can have free access to any kind of information, download it and create your own media archive which you can have stored forever, no matter where your paths may lead you. Though not a perfect replacement for the Internet, you can actually rely on Lantern to make a real difference in the world by granting you limitless access to knowledge.

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