There were times when you dreamed of having a scanner for your phone, but it was just a dream back then. You need to know that your dream became reality, thanks to SnapJet, a portable mini printer, perfect for your smartphone. You’ll probably ask yourself how can it be possible? You need to know that this gadget doesn’t involve any wires or connections, it just scans your mobile screen and the photo is ready! Simple as that! And the quality is extraordinary, a high resolution color image on Mini or Polaroid 300 PIF film.

[adsense300gray]Tired of wondering if the phone accessory that you’ve bought will be compatible with your phone? With SnapJet you don’t need to worry anymore – it is able to scan from any display, any type of phone, so you won’t have any compatibility issues that you could worry about. Also, it’s the perfect gift, as you don’t need to know the type of phone that will be using this gadget.

So what are the coolest features of SnapJet?

• It has a great design so you can take it with you wherever you go: at the office, at school, during your travels, or at the coffee shop – you’ll impress everyone with this little, but smart device
• It has an innovative optical system that cannot go wrong while replicating the image
• It comes with the newest fiber optic technology for amazing results.

So what are you waiting for? Today is easier than ever to have your image on hard copy in seconds!

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