If you were to leave to a desert island, what would be the one item you would take along? The eternal question without answear finally found one: the hand-warming, flashlight, phone-charger, all wrapped into one. This latest invention is as usefull and worthy of your money as it sounds.

[adsense300gray]With a clear, silver, aluminum shell, the magic tool is like a gift that keeps on giving. Wait and see. Firstly, it warms up in less then five minutes and reaches 104 degreeds. Therefore, no need to complain about the waste of energy it takes to reach the maximum potential. Also, it stays warm for almost three hours, so this is a must-have in a scout-trip.

Secondly, it charges your phone. Imagine what a relief this can be when you forget at home your classic charger! Not to mention that it is conveniently portable, so you can reload your phone anytime, anywhere.

And thirdly, it acts as a perfect pocket flashlight, provinding you with a “clear” path on a moonless night. Feeling in mood for an expedition, dark will be no longer a problem, thank to the 3-in-1 little gadget.

Besides all of this, you will be able to recharge it more than 500 times. If you ask me, it’s the modern definition of multitask, suitable for everyone with a busy, always on-motion life. In conclusion, for everyone of us.