The Leatherman Charge TTI is another great product from the American company, well known for its vast range of multi-tool products.

We can safely say that the  Leatherman Charge TTI is a premium product, combining some of the most sought after features in only one, multi-functional tool.

The handle of  Leatherman Charge TTI is made of sculpted titanium alloy and the clip point is built from S30V stainless steel. The design of this baby is almost sexy and thanks to its high-end materials, I can say that this is the next-step in the evolution of multi tools.

[adsense300gray]The  Leatherman Charge TTI weighs 232 grams, the primary blade lenght is 7.37 cm and closed length is 10 cm(in metric, baby!). Its accessories include a square drive, an eyeglass screwdriver,Hex and Philips heads and even Torx.

The material used in the blade/tools construction is a superior quality 420HC stainless steel, an improved version of the high carbon 420, a strong tool-steel. What makes the  Leatherman Charge TTI a great asset to have is the heat-treatment of the steel, that makes a world of difference in metallurgy. The handle scales are made of aero grade aluminum alloy,which is strong yet light as a feather. Leatherman uses aluminum scales in order to reduce weight and yet without compromising on strength. The  Leatherman Charge TTI comes with 25 years warranty.

 Leatherman Charge TTI