Fire, one of mankind’s greatest creations, has always been a source of creation and destruction at the same time. Nobody can deny its power and the difficulty to control it! However, with PYRO – a device you can control this stubborn element and pretend you’re a superhero!

What is PYRO? A neat „magic” device that allows you to shoot fireballs from your palm! Finally your childhood prayers have been answered, huh? (However, you must be aware that this isn’t a kid’s toy! But it’s still pretty damn fun, right?).

[adsense300gray]This small device straps to your wrist and comes with enough cotton and paper to shot over 50 times! How do you control it? Simple, in the opposite hand you hold a small trigger which allows you to fire on command! Oh, and you can shoot off 4 Hadoukens before you need to recharge!

Although made out of quality materials, PYRO still comes with an end to end 60 day replacement warranty – just to make sure… However, if you stick to the instructions that come along with the device you will be  able to troubleshoot any problem that arises!

To conclude, this is a grown-man’s toy that transforms you into the Marvel superhero you always wanted to be as a child!  The only problem is … you won’t stop playing! It is retailed at a price of $174 – which makes it even more tempting!