[adsense300gray]Bicycles are making a huge comeback in our increasingly green state of mind and with patchnride, you can say goodbye to flat tires for ever. I know, fixing a tire is not rocket science and it’s been around since forever, but patchnride offers a pretty cool approach to that problem. Basically, you’ll no longer have to remove the wheel from the bicycle in order to fix a flat tire and that’s as cool as it gets. This gizmo will patch holes up to 3 mm wide and it fixes the tire from the inside, making it perfectly safe. You can use patchnride on your tire as many times as you like, given that the punctures are not very close together or on the same spot. All you have to do is to locate the punctured area, to clean the area as good as you can using the tool provided with the gadget, to insert the patchnride into the puncture and push the button, thus releasing the Air Seal Patch. Voila, you’re good to go. Just remove the tool and apply a little pressure with your finger on the repair. The best thing is that this repair is as good as “the real thing”, ┬ábeing permanent and your tire is as good as a new one.

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