Coming soon, in a sky near you, the Parrot Bebop Drone, and that’s almost a haiku! Yeah, baby, it’s almost weekend and if it’s weekend, let us have some fun with a drone, because nowadays drones are all the rage. Drones and big brother, it’s like nineteen eighty four 2.0 with a twist of fun!!!

[adsense300gray]Now, don’t get paranoid, because BEBOP is built for your own safety, naturally. It has a GPS module that enables it to find the way home, it’s robust, shock proof and in case shtf, the propellers will stop automatically. See, you won’t get sued if the Parrot drops on somebody’s head. If you’re spry, you can even push the emergency landing button and the drone will hit the deck in two shakes of a lamb’s tale. You’re sold yet? If not, check this out :this baby has awesome stability, it’s built using the latest uber high tech feather light materials, it has 8 hours of autonomy in flight, it runs on a quad core CPU and with Linux on top of that! Obviously, it has lots of sensors, whistles and bells, including a Wi-Fi hotspot and a 14 MP camera. Go for it!

bebop drone

bebop drone 3bebop drone 5


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