Solartab, a kickstatrer project that made it through, to see the light of day, is the newest innovation in the matter of renewable energy used to keep your phone, tablet or any other gadget you use up an running. Featuring a pretty simple yet cute design, the charger is thought to store energy inside a built-in battery (capacity listed as around of 13.000 mAh) of its own and give it back to you should you need it, either day or night.


The cover is cleverly made so that it can be opened or closed depending on your need for this smart compliment in the name of technology. So you don’t have to worry about carrying it around, you just have to put in your bag, it’s safe and reliable. It also serves as a stand for the solar panel, easing you the task of finding the best angles and position in order to direct maximum light exposure.

On one of the sides we can find the power button, four green led lights indicating internal battery capacity and one bright white led as solar charging indicator, while on the other, the device features two USB outputs and a micro USB input all accompanied by their respective charging indicators. The weight is somewhere about 1.2kg making it quite skinny. It is a thin, light but very powerful companion for your daily needs.