[adsense300gray]The Raw Induction series are the definitive answer for a common problem of the first world : how to charge your smart device without using wires? Yes, Raw Induction means that you can recharge your smartphone wirelessly. That means that your dog or your cat will be left without a wire to chew on, do you realize that?

Moving along with the story,these wireless chargers are using the standard QI-based technology, meaning that all of the QI certified devices will work without problems with the Raw Induction series i.e. tablets, smartphones and various adapters. The choice of materials used in building these gizmos is very interesting : high strength concrete for the base and cork for the charging surface. The design aims to fit both small and large devices, ranging from tablets to small smartphones.  The charging for up to three devices is supported simultaneously; all you have to do is to drop them over and let them charge up by themselves! Oh, and did I mention that a concrete charger looks pretty cool? Just take a look and see for yourself.

Raw Induction 2
Raw Induction 3
Raw Induction