Aren’t you already tired of having around 2-3 remotes on the coffee table in your living room? Assuming each one has at least 30 buttons, number which is rarely that small, you get to juggle with 90 buttons before you can figure out how to lower the volume on your Hi-Fi audio system. And that’s quite unpleasant, especially late at night.


Here’s the alternative: Ray Super Remote is the absolute universal controller for every multimedia device in your living room. Given its infrared, wi-fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee, it can connect to most DVD players, TV, audio systems and other AV devices you may have around. So far, it may look just like a regular universal remote with a bit of extra tech and a fancy touchscreen. However, Super Remote is able to actually make watching television even more comfortable.

Thanks to its touchscreen and learning system, Ray Super Remote gathers data about shows you are watching and offers recommendations based on them. Moreover, you can select a TV genre and Super Remote will instantly display all channels that currently provide such content. There is the option of rating channels and different shows according to your preferences; Super Remote will store them and improve its recommendations even further.

Setting the Ray Super Remote is simple and pretty straightforward. Start the remote, connect to a Wi-Fi network, complete a few data regarding the user and then create connections to your devices. You’re done. Now you have full control of each TV channel and media device in your home, at your fingertips.