It is not very polite to answer the phone while in a meeting, and it is especially embarrassing when it rings from the bottom of a purse and you can’t quickly turn it off. Even smart watches require you to pull up your sleeve in order to view different updates and notifications.

However, when it comes to MOTA Smartring, social network updates, calls and e-mail are at your fingertips; literally. The ring connects to your Android or iOS smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 technology and displays notifications on its integrated fine grain display.

You can choose which notifications should be displayed from your smartphone and the ring will discretely vibrate to announce you of updates. Then, just scroll on the ring’s screen in order to check different news.

[adsense300gray]MOTA Smartring uses electric induction technology to charge up; no wires involved. Take the ring off your finger and place it on the charging station; it will quickly fill power back up. Given the strong, reliable Bluetooth 4.0 connection, the ring will be able to withdraw updates even if the phone is buried at the bottom of the purse or inside the jacket you just hung up on the peg at the entrance. It also takes a very small amount of energy to operate, increasing battery life.

When wearing the MOTA Smartring,you won’t fall behind fashion trends either. It comes in midnight and pearl white color variants, suiting with most outfits and not standing out as a bad taste accessory.