[adsense300gray]The iPhone 5S and 5C are coming closer and closer on being revealed in the next month, but that didn’t stop several artists on Dribble (a community of designers) from thinking about an innovative design for the iPhone 6. To be more precise, Sebastian Scheer, Michael Shanks and Ali Rahmoun have brought the concept of a wrap-around screen for the future Apple gadget and I have to admit that it sounds quite intriguing, even if I’m not the fanboy type that becomes excited when hearing news about innovative smartphone-related stuff.
The lack of bezels from the sides may seem kind of weird when actually picturing such a device, but take a look at the pictures! – pretty nice, don’t you think ?

But there are a few downs too, you know. Holding your phone would be kind of weird and one can wonder about how will the screens work, so I hope they don’t fail when actually bringing life to the concept. Also, a wrap-around screen would require a major improvement to the battery life and to the materials used for building the device. Nobody wants something that’s always power-hungry and sensitive to scratches – not to mention drops.


Curious about it ? We’ll wait and see if the guys from Apple decide to put the idea into motion and deliver an innovative, high-quality gadget.

iPhone 6 Wrap-Around Screen