You’ve got to hate that fine line of dust that never goes into the dust pan while you are brooming. It gets thinner and thinner, but it never actually disappears. Also, the need to constantly bend over and broom your way through the house can get really uncomfortable for your back, producing pains that might last on the long run. Still, if you manage to fill the dust pan with all the debris, what do you do if you’re out of trash bags?


Bruno, a new type of vacuum trash can, seems to have solved all these small but annoying issues, but providing the first smart trash can that will suck the dust directly into a trash bag. It is quite small in size, but Bruno will definitely win every housekeeping mom’s heart. Its vortex suction system allows Bruno to pull all the dust directly into a trash bag kept inside the machine. Everything you need to do is to place Bruno in front of the dust lines and broom them towards in lower opening; this smart trash can will do the rest, by suctioning inside every last bit of dirt, spilled cereal or animal hair.

If it wasn’t already pretty interesting, find out that Bruno also has an integrated communication system that allows it to announce when the trash bag is almost full or when you are almost out of them. It has its own smartphone app that works as a reminder, so you won’t forget to deliver the trash on trash pickup day or run out of trash bags anytime soon. The statement of Bruno’s producers really describe this smart trash can the best: „It is the last trash can you will ever buy.”

Bruno comes in 5 colorways, from Artic White to Harbor Blue and Urban Red. There are currently more than one offer available on Kickstarter for Bruno, so check them out and get one smart vacuum trash can right now.