We’ll just tell you from the beginning – we love this toy! We’re fans of both the design and the technical features.

The Phantom is an entry-level UAV designed for aerial photography, and is meant to compete with the most popular device of its kind on the market, the Parrot AR Drone. Unlike the Parrot, which uses an controller app, the DJI has a dedicated hand-held radio frequency control unit, with two joysticks, that, according to the creators, will give the device more stability, even though it will take a bit more time to get accustomed to it.

It features a GPS-enabled autopilot mode and altitude hold, and if it ever loses the signal, the failsafe auto-go-home mechanism will come to the rescue and return the device back to you with great accuracy. The Phantom can go as far as over 900 ft. (perhaps even over 1000 ft.), and although the battery life isn’t all that great, the 10-15 minutes that it holds up to should be enough to for you to take some great shots from the air.

Unfortunately, this UAV doesn’t come with an integrated camera, but you can easily install the GoPro compact on it, which will allow you to see the videos seconds after the drone has landed.

The only question we pose is an ethical one – what about peoples’ privacy? Would you ever use this device for more than taking shots of a nice landscape?






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