The Scanadu Scout is a scanner packed with sensors that enables you to capture important physiological data instantly. Find information about your own body without waiting in line at the doctor’s office – you simply hold the Scout to your forehead for 10 seconds and in a snap, your stats are displayed on your smartphone. Learn how different people, locations, activities, foods and beverages affect your body, and figure out what is good and what is bad for you. This is insight a doctor could never get from a simple check-up, with important details often being looked over. With Scanadu you’re your own medical expert, and you can share your findings with your actual medical expert, because you know, it helps them if they know specific things about your condition (especially since it comes from a trusted, gadget-y source.)

[adsense300gray]This little white gadget is designed to be a medical grade Tricorder, using your smartphone and Bluetooth LE to emulate an Emergency Room at the tip of your fingers. Well, actually, before the Scout can become a real medical device, it will have to go through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) premarket notification process – so there’ll be a bit more waiting happening before it’s an actual, accredited thing.

But in the meantime, check out all these things it measures!


The Scanadu Scout uses a micro-USB adapter that you can hook up to a USB port, taking less than an hour to get fully charged. It will last for about a week if you plan on using it several times a day. As for cleaning it, you can use a damp towelette or disinfecting wipe, but careful – it is not waterproof.



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