The BikeSpike. Track Your Bike!
Lets you know when your bike is on the move (and you’re not the one moving it)

As defined on their (successfully funded) Kickstarter page, the BikeSpike is a „bike GPS tracker that automatically reports a crash to contacts, alerts you if tampered with, iOS/Android/Web friendly with open API.” Its primary function is that of helping you track and retrieve your stolen bike, but the BikeSpike doesn’t stop at that: it also has a collision detection system, it allows you to share your stats on different social medias, it can help the worrying parents monitor their children and see if they wander off or get in any danger, and much more. The only drawback we can see is the thief removing the BikeSpike due to previous knowledge of what the device does. Sooner than you know it, thieves will be checking bikes for ‘spikes’, so we’re not entirely sure it’s that effective against an informed thief. In any case, it’s a fun gadget and we recommend you give it a spin.

The BikeSpike. Track Your Bike! iPhone App
Easy to use interface for all smartphones

The BikeSpike. Track Your Bike! iPhone App gadget