[adsense300gray]If you’re into photography and especially enjoy to spend time in the great outdoors for capturing their beauty in your photos, boy, I have a wonderful toy for you! In case you haven’t heard of it until now, DJI, a well known producer of remote controlled quadcopters, has released the Phantom 2 Vision+, an upgrade for the first model that came around last year. This baby is basically a small helicopter that looks exactly like a toy and has a tiny, but very sturdy camera attached to it. The snapper has an F/2.8 lens is capable of producing 14 MP photos and 1080p videos @ 30 fps.

Long story short, for a maximum of 25 minutes, you’ll be able to take some amazing shots and videos as this thing can reach a speed of up to 35mph and a height of more than 900 feet. It’s equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi and relies on a three-axis gimbal for stabilization which does a better job than what was on the first Phantom Vision. The camera can also perform a 90 degree tilt, thus enabling you to shoot straight down.

Phantom 2

Phantom 2 3

Phantom 2

Phantom 2 2

Phantom 2 4


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