[adsense300gray]If you’re the eco type and you’re into Elves and wooden stuff, I have the perfect gadget for you : the Click Message Clock from Ginko. This is the kind of clock uncle Geppetto would have made for his son Pinocchio, the hipster version. I am saying that because the Click Message Clock looks like a block of wood, yet it’s perfectly capable of displaying(or to „float”, whatever) the time, date and temperature plus a customizable personal message on a wood block. How cool is that folks? A wooden watch with a wooden display? Sounds like magic. Well, these are the benefits of technology, it’s very close to magic indeed.

The Click Message Clock  is able to store up to 7 personalized messages, but only one of them can be displayed at a time. You can display the messages by tapping your fingers on the wood block, and voila! Obviously, this nice trick can be used to surprise your beloved ones in the morning with a „touchie feelie” message or it can be used for more practical purposes, as a reminder for example. A message must contain a maximum of 255 characters, kind of like Tweeter. The Click Message Clock comes with an internal battery and it is made of MDF wood with a beech wood-effect veneer finish.

Click Message Clock