It is the start of an end we might say; and we are talking about fossil fuels. Although the change is not abrupt at all, we are witnessing the transition towards solar energy usage along with other types of alternative energy. Although there are only a few cars that actually run solely on electric power, gadgets are in the number of billions. Solar Paper aims to be the lightest and fastest solar charger there is. According to producers, it is so light, it fits inside a note planner.


It comes into 5, 7.5 and 10 watt chargers, using 2, 3 or 4 panels, respectively. To provide a better picture, the 5 watt charger is able to fully load an iPhone 6 in 2.5 hours, given good solar conditions. That’s the time it take for a regular wall charger as well. For those who need even higher power levels to charge bigger devices, a higher-voltage version should be chosen. Don’t worry about compatibility; Solar Paper is able to charge almost any device that has an USB port. However, make sure you choose the right voltage for your gadget; don’t get it burned!

Unlike other solar powered charges who needed a manual reset when voltage drops occurred (damn clouds!), Solar Paper resets itself automatically and provides an actual hassle-free way of charging your electronics. Given its reduced size, Solar Paper can be attached to the back of a backpack and be forgotten until it charges the connected device. Solar Paper is built from water resistant materials and features a modular design; given its magnetic edges, you can attach more solar panels in order to increase the acquired voltage. Same magnetic edges can be used to stick the charger to a pole into direct sunlight. A little display will show you how much solar energy is acquired in real time.