[adsense300gray]In a world defined by its blooming technology, a lot of things are significantly simplified and sometimes even lose the kind of importance they were offered some years ago. Such as taking pictures. Nowadays, it’s very simple to pull up your smartphone and snap a picture that goes on Facebook or just stays in your phone album, along with several others.  Well, what if we bring back some bits and pieces of the past and develop our prettiest, funniest and most important snaps? The job is easily done thanks to the Instax Printer by Photojojo.

This cute device is here for printing your pictures and does that in less than a minute. It uses a free application for doing that and is compatible to your iPhone, iPad or Android-powered device, accessing the photos from your Facebook, Instagram or from your camera album and printing them before you have them edited according to your wishes.

instax 2

instax 3



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