[adsense300gray]Ryan Pendleton is the genius behind all Quirky products and Nimbus is one of his latest inventions. As Ryan claims, this gadget was created under the influence of „real people” like me and you and it was based on an alarm clock which worked with the help of an external application. But things got more complicated than a regular alarm clock and that’s how Nimbus, the smart dashboard came to life.

Basically, Nimbus is a day-to-day helper, that allows you to keep track of your chores. It features a highly customizable  4-dial dashboard that will let you know all the time what to do next and each dial is personalized with the help of your smartphone.

Nimbus is perfectly capable of tracking and monitoring weather, commute traffic, your email, Facebook, calendar, you name it. It’s like a personal assistant, highly efficient minus the chit chat. The smart dashboard is also fully compatible with Fitbit and various gadgets in the Quirky + Ge collection.

Benefiting from smart technology, Nimbus translates your digital life in a tangible form, with the help of its four dials, each of them being able to sync in real time so you don’t have to constantly fiddle on your smartphone, in order to know what’s going on.


nimbus 1

nimbus 2

nimbus 3

nimbus 4