A meeting room just doesn’t look right if there is no whiteboard present around. Usually, that is the key element for expressing ideas, sketches, graphs or any other kind of info that you need to work on and that also must be visible to the audience. Smartmarker is one of a kind device that allows you to actually record what you are writing on the whiteboard and then transfer it to a third-party element through specifically designed apps.

From distance, you might actually confuse the Smartmarker with a Wii console stick, but it has quite a different set of functions. It is equipped with a motion sensor and a replaceable, rechargeable ink tank. Smartmarker can be used not only on whiteboards, but also on painted glass, or rolling whiteboard surfaces. Thanks to its 4 GB storage, it can hold almost a week’s presentation information.

[adsense300gray]Notes can be either streamed real-time, or they can be synced with cloud applications such as Dropbox, iCloud or Evernote. Smartmarker allows you not to worry about the size, any size: it register notes from a whiteboard as wide as 5 meters. One downside seems the fact that any object used as assistance in note taking, such as a ruler, might interfere with Smartmarker’s sensor and could cause problems in recording information. This might be a no-go for engineers.

The Smartmarker is light, takes little space and can easily be carried around and used when needed. Works perfectly as an accessory, instead of the regular pen.