While not everyone might find themselves in the position of a graphic designer, engineer or game tester, as are the ones behind Flow, definitely everyone listens to music. You can’t possibly hate the feeling of the knob when you turn up the volume on a station.

The need for a new wireless controller came, as producers state, from the lack of intermediary features between pre-existing devices. In other words, some products don’t offer enough variety while others are over-killing it. Enough said, Flow was designed with the purpose to fit in perfectly within the reach of every end-user.

[adsense300gray]If you ever tried using Photoshop, you probably noticed how difficult it is to get the right hue value on that slim slider. Flow comes around and helps as it can be programmed to mimic human gestures with full sensitivity. Another great concept featured inside this wireless controller is the ability to pre-program different shortcuts and commands, so you can actually save time and nerve.

Flow was designed to be small, to provide a great touch feeling, to be portable and most important, to last as long as possible. This is why it is not any larger than a Coke can in diameter and it was built from stainless steel and aluminum with polycarbonate touch surface.

It used the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless system, thus consuming low amounts of energy while still being compatible with a wide variety of smart devices. Flow contains a 360 degrees sensor that captures every hand gesture and allows extend use of muscles, unlike a mouse.

It’s small, it’s portable, and above all, Flow promises to be a very efficient tool in every aspect of multimedia usage.