Since health magazines started flourishing we’ve been bombarded by the idea that the human body requires 2 liters of water each day; that’s about eight glasses. However, we can clearly tell that not two people are alike, thus we require different approaches when it comes to hydration, calories intake, fat burning and so on. What if a “wonder” cup could solve all these problems? That’s Vessyl.

The cup had to look good on a table, and we think it succeed quite well. It holds 13 oz of liquid, it has a no-spill lid that holds its contents into place, it doesn’t stick and it is very easy to clean. So far Vessyl seems to be just another liquid holder. But here comes the magic.

[adsense300gray]The project behind the smart cup started in the mind of Mark Lee, by the time he was a student in the Humans Media Lab at Queens University. The philosophy was to connect modern day life-changing applications so they can work better and give greater results for one’s lifestyle.

Vessyl features sensors on the inside that can detect and analyze the content at a molecular level, then displays the result on one of the outer sides when the cup is tilted. Also, it automatically syncs its findings with popular tracking software; you will be able to see what and how much you have drank throughout the day, and then adjust it in order to fit a healthy lifestyle.

It is simply mind blowing to understand how Vessyl can not only tell you are drinking coffee, but it can also tell how strong or light the coffee is; it can’t only tell you’re getting some soda – Vessyl knows if it’s Gatorade, Pepsi or Coca-Cola.

A good fit, a great design and lots of functions, the Vessyl cup can be the kick-starter for someone’s life changing experience.