[adsense300gray]Don’t get carried around by the title, because GOkey will help your survival only if you’re an ultra geek living in a high tech environment. An ultra high-tech environment, that is. Because what it does is pretty simple and straightforward : it will help you, nerds, to find your keys, smartphone, even your head, if it’s not well screwed onto your shoulders. To be honest, this gadget is pretty useful if your life revolves around your smartphone: attached to your key ring, it will provide some useful features : it will help you charge your phone via its internal battery, for up to two hours. Also, it has some internal storage capacity, between 8 and 32 gb, if you push a button it will make your phone ring, hence functioning as a locator for your phone. Or, the other way around, if you lose your keys, you can use your phone to make the GOkey ring. It charges via USB and it looks pretty nice, all in all it makes for a pretty useful tool if you’re the ADD type.

gokey 2
gokey 4
gokey 5
gokey 8
gokey 9


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