CleverPet is a console that enables automatic all-day play for your beloved furry friend and lets you go about your business without feeling guilty that you’ve neglected your pet or left it home alone with only the couch and your shoes as chewing entertainment. How great is that? It doesn’t only entertain your pet, but also educates it, increasing the challenges as your pet learns. It uses your pet’s favorite dry food in order to engage it, and rewards it when it does good. The gadget itself is programmable, as you can add features and change the way it works by designing new interactions yourself.

It connects to the internet over WiFi, providing all-day interactive play and feeding times that adapt to your pet’s needs. With light-up touch-pads designed to be pressed by curious paws, the device is made with durability in mind. The integrated microphone listens for dog barks and the speakers can play your own recorded voice, so that your pet can feel close to you even when you’re away. Never again ask neighbors or relatives to take care of your Scruffy while you’re cruising in the Bahamas – leave it all up to CleverPet, the best way to keep your dog fed and happy when you’re not home for longer periods of time. People can forget to walk or play with your dog, but CleverPet is programmed to care.

[adsense300gray]A busy dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog won’t chew your furniture and ruin your kitchen by thrashing the garbage. And with such positive-reinforcement training your pup will get while you’re not there, you’ll soon find a completely reformed dog – much more intelligent and much less destructive. Not only this, but it can also identify which of your dogs interacts with it, as CleverPet also offers hardware based dog ID collars. How cool is that. If you’re curious to find out more, check out their presentation video below.


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